Wood is something you should be careful with, while some type can bear with wet blasting other functions only with dry blasting processes. With anything from glass shreds to steel, you may choose any. At M&C Solutions, we bring you the best wood restoration services; our preference is a glass shred media blasting for the wooden surfaces.

Save your wooden surface from deep abrasions and uneven removal of polish and varnish. For a precision-guided restoration service, we bring you the dust-free dry blaster to water-logged wood. Once we deal with your wooden surface, you get a nearly raw structure that you may paint polish or refine according to your needs. Get wood floor cleaner service from the best wood cleaning and restoration company!

How Professional Wood Cleaning and Restoration Helps?

Wooden surfaces are sensitive to moisture, heat, and termites too. They can lose luster and show signs of damage with time. Wood restoration services help protect your wooden structures and furniture. Washing, spraying, cleaning, and polishing helps restore the original luster and finish on the wooden equipment.

At M&C Solutions, we recommend that you opt for a professional cleaning and wood restoration service for all kinds of furniture and equipment. Wood, essential stain removal and cleaning can be done personally, however experimenting with chemicals and polishing may damage the surface; that’s where professional help is useful.

Moreover, handing over expensive wooden furniture for cleaning to inexperienced persons can cause the furniture to face some internal issues as well. These damage surfaces with the passage of time may be irreversible by then. To ensure a perfect showroom like finish return and increase the life of your furniture reach professionals at M&C Solutions, where we get you the value money cleaning & wood restoration services.


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Can We Use Media Blasting For Wood?

Wood is a softer material when compared to bricks and concrete cleaning, or any metal surface. Therefore, angular and sharp abrasives such as aluminum or glass can cause etching that will create deep abrasions to the surface. This, however, does not mean that media blasting is an inefficient process. At M&C Solutions, we bring you environment-friendly and wood-adept abrasives such as crushed walnut shells and corn cobs.

These relatively soft yet rough materials cause minimal or no damage to the surface and remove the added layers to help sand for a hard surface to polish it again. With media blasting on wood, an added advantage is with any shallow termite colony over the surface; this blasting eradicates them and later sanding it helps deliver a potentially new surface.

Wood Cleaning and Restoration at M&C Solution?

Our professional wood cleaners and restoring personnel deal in both cleaning and restoration by hand with media blasting. At M&C Solution, we bring you restoration for wood damaged by fire, water, and other materials. Our staff skill in delivering completely raw surfaces and then polishing it.

We recommend repair by hand only in case of smaller surfaces. Still, with larger structures and pieces of furniture. Media blasting is a highly productive process that we use to deliver fully restored wooden structures.

A pre-cleaning check and report will tell you the wood health and if it is worth restoring the particular structure or not. With ultimate professionalism at M&C Solutions, we bring you affordable wood restoration services that cleaned to perfection.