Are you looking for a place to get your industrial equipment cleaning services as well as residential machines? Then you’re at right place, as M&C Solutions provide both residential and industrial equipment cleaning with use of media blasting. However, our heavy-duty blasting machines help you in creating the best options to witness a near-perfect look for your equipment. The same is the case for our superior residential parts and equipment services. We make sure you observe a clean surface free from stains and abrasions when the blasting is done.

Why Clean Equipment By Media Blasting?

Industrial equipment and machinery are subjected to intense work –chemical, oil residues on the outer surface can cause corrosion, and various internal parts face different varnish and polish issues. This lack of luster often results in functionality issues and make the machine appear unfit and making it a problem in case of an equipment audit by a relevant body.

Therefore, industrial equipment cleaning must be maintained your equipment in top-notch condition for better output. Media blasting is consequently use to contain the damage and effectively removes. The corrosive coat and make room for a fresh layer of paint.

A better application of the new coat of paint is an essential use of media blasting at industrial scale. Especially, when it comes to the internal parts of the industrial equipment, these parts can malfunction with an uneven paint layer and are costly to replace. With media blasting, factories and large manufacturing companies can effectively elongate the useful life of such parts.

Media blasting removes any residual paint before the paint job. The new coat can be apply with perfection and make the particular part just like a new one.



What is Media Blasting Abrasive that used in residential and industrial equipment?

When it comes to industrial-grade media blasting, sand is the most natural choice. Sandblasting is among the most commonly use in industrial media blasting material to clean corrosion and other patches that may cause metal structures and steel frames to corrode. This, when sandblasted, helps prolong the equipment and structure life with a new coat of paint.

At a residential level, where the equipment and structures are very delicate and not slowly built, therefore, something smooth is essential. Glass bead as a blasting medium is commonly use. These glass beads are smooth and shape into small balls that removes the unproductive layer from the equipment yet maintain minimal depth as compared to other angular media blasting. This ensures a minimum extent and lesser post blasting maintenance.

Is Media Blasting Strength Different For Residential And Industrial?

Likewise, while the strength of industry-grade equipment is much higher than residential ones. The same is the case with media blasting intensity. This strength varies based on the delicacy and elegance of the equipment being blasted. It is highly preferable to opt for professional media blasting service – to ensure that your residential equipment does not sustain damage, M&C Solutions bring you the best staff from the field.

We bring you advanced machines to blast your residential and industrial equipment. For the industrial blasting needs. We deliver an entire unit that media blasts your equipment always with the force that removes tough stains and corrosion. However, for your residential needs, at M&C Solutions, we have the right light blasting machines that handles delicate and elegant structures. GET A QUOTE for industrial equipment cleaning or SCHEDULE A VISIT from US TODAY!