Secret Hacks for Refinishing Wood Furniture – 5-minute Guide

November 09 2020
refinishing wood furniture

The best part is that refinishing wood furniture is not a big deal, and you can repair and give them a good look.

It’s nearly a disaster when you found your wood furniture damaged. Scratches and tiny holes make your furniture look old and deformed.

There are many methods of refurbishing old furniture. However, some of the ways are not easy to apply. Shellac and lacquer are considered as the most common to remove.

Restoring wood furniture is easy, and when you need it, you can approach wood restoration services. They will provide you a complete guide that will help you restore your furniture efficiently. Also, various factors come into refinishing wood furniture like cost, trends, and material properties.

There are also finishing items that are quite tough. Here in this article, you will get the secret hacks that will refinish your wood furniture instantly and smartly.

Secret Hacks You Must Know For Refinishing Wood Furniture

Scratches, stains, and faded water rings are the most common problem that happens t any wood furniture and make it unappealing. The next thing comes into your mind to throw it away or pass it to any needy before doing that, give it a try to restore it.

If you’re want an affordable wood restoration company, then you’re at right place. Our team of experts will get you an optimal restoration services at your doorstep.

1) Use Vinegar and Canola

A good mixture of canola oil and vinegar can do wonders. Take 3/4 cups of canola oil with ¼ cup of vinegar and mix them well and apply on scratches. Rub it, let it dry.

2) For Larger Holes Use Epoxy

Epoxy helps a stabilizing product that can be plane, drill, and sand, especially for larger holes and restraining wood. It is indeed considered the most robust solution for broke wood; it is water-resistant. Mainly helps in outdoor repairing projects.

3) Iodine Is Great

Iodine not only secure your health, but it also restores furniture. It is a great product used to hide scratches. The specific part is that it blends scratch in the woods. Just apply iodine to the damaged area and leave it to dry. Apply it smartly until it matches the wood color.

4) Make It Go Away with Walnut or Brazil Nut Meat

The most environmentally friendly wood refinishing technique. Use walnut or brazil nutmeat to hide the scratches on the wooden surface. It’s simple; just take out the nutmeat from the shell and apply it to the damaged area.

5) Try Hair Dry 

Hairdryer? You might pause before moving ahead. The water stains on the wood are the most irritating thing your hairdryer can remove them. The heat coming from the dryer applied to the surface and cleaned it with denatured alcohol. However, keep it in your mind; don’t use too much heat that damages the body.

6) Create A Mixture At Home

Polish your wood furniture after it’s repaired. After being sanded and painted, it’s time to polish it. What to do for good polish at home, make a mixture of olive oil, alcohol, turpentine, and lemon juice, apply it to the surface, and clean it with a soft cloth for shine. It’s the best homemade wood polish that works best for wooden furniture.

7) Remove Water Marks With Mayonnaise 

Spread mayonnaise on watermarks lightly. Cover the area, let the word soak it for an hour and more, and wipe it later with a dry cloth.

8) For Perfect Matching Use Wood Fixer  

Every craftsman uses this and finds the best alternative for refinishing wood furniture. Wood fillers are the prevalent gauge when you have to repair wood. You can have various options when you go to buy wood fillers. You can choose filler according to your need and the color of the wood you already have.

What Do You Need for Refinishing Wood Furniture?

After a detailed insight on hacks for wood furniture, you can easily revamp it.  All you have to do is to add more details with precautions.

Once you are done with all the applications of refinishing wood furniture you should know the precautions and things that are necessary for the stains removal from furniture. See the list below:

1. Work gloves

2. Dust mask

3. Paintbrushes

4. Proprietary stripping chemicals and stripping tools

5. Wax and polish remover

6. Fine steel wool (0000 gauge)

7. fine glass paper and a sanding block

8. Wood dye

9. Wood restorer/ finishing oil

10. Wax polish

11. Tack cloth and lint-free cloth

These are the precaution that can be applied for quick restoration. But if you are looking for better restoration then you may need to hire a professional wood restoration service provider company for restoration like M and C Solutions.


When it comes to refinishing wood furniture, you will have countless options. Either you want to polish your wood furniture or remove stains and scratches from it, you make sure that it goes permanently. For that, you look for professional services or try out some hacks at home for a better job. Finishing furniture is the process that solves thousands of problems at the same time. It is the most effective yet detailed process, so choosing it for your furniture is a wise decision.

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