Is your parking lot stripe worn out? Is it dark in about two years and a repaint? It’s needless to get it repaint and waste effort, get it removed today, and have a fresh parking lot stripe. Removing it can be tricky, and with any part of the previous stripe left over, a new stripe can be irregular and would not be as smooth.

With M&C Solutions, we bring you the best services for parking lot stripe removal. With accurate blasting, we ensure that no paint portions remain over the surface so that your new stripe can get a smoother look.

How We Treat Your Parking Lot Stripe Removal?

At M&C Solutions, we deliver you the best services when it comes to removing old and darkened parking lot stripes. With M&C, we have three different machines to handle old parking lot stripes:

Machine The Scarifying– This is a new addition to our arsenal of cleaning equipment. The machine equip with precision-guided extra sharp blades that rotate; the rotation helps scrap out the old parking lot stripes.

The Disc Grinder – As a professional cleaning entity, at M&C Solutions, we are ready to handle all kinds of cleaning problems. For different road markings, we arrive at the scene equipped with alternatives, in case the scarifying is of no use. Our disc grinding machine grinds the asphalt surface to remove the marking if directly painted.

Water Blasting–Machines to get your parking lot stripes remove may be useful, but the best one is water blasting. At M&C Solutions, we bring you a special water blasting system that removes marking lines from the asphalt without damaging it. Water blasting helps remove the slightest trace from the pavement to protect the new stripe from peeling off.


parking lot stripe removal process

Why You Should Remove Stripes From Parking Lot?

At a parking lot, once your parking stripes have darkened, haphazard parking becomes a norm, which creates chaos. In such a scenario, you need to get new parking stripes. But for that, you need to get the best of the removal techniques. With stripe removing, you can effectively get a new one paint without having the problem of the new one peeling off. Parking stripe removal can help you in case you need to change the arrangement and the system of parking, including the “enter & exit” points as well.

At M&C Solutions, we bring you the best parking lot stripe removal services. Our efficient machines and staff trained to deal with parking lot stripes over various surfaces. Including asphalt and concrete both. We help you with the different surfaces and use the relevant machinery to prevent damage.

Our different cleaning agents design for various services. Moreover, including the use of soda solutions that help over asphalt but could create issues over concrete. Moreover, for a cleaner look, M&C Solutions enables you to wash off the remnant stripe with powerful water blasting machine that provides you a fresher surface for a repaint.

How To Choose Best Parking Lot Stripe Removal Services?

If you go for removing the parking stripes by yourself, things might be tiring and would not be as effective. But with M&C Solutions placing its expert crew and the best machines at your disposal, you quickly get it done in a matter of hours. With a crew expert in dealing with such things, we help you ease the tensions and find a clean parking lot without any worry. Our experts know how to deal with different surfaces and the intensity of the blasting. To remove the stripe without damaging the surface.