Is it you who acquired your walls covered in graffiti and now want it remove? For vandalize walls, vehicles, or any part of your property, you must get rid of the graffiti. In any case, M&C Solutions bring you the best graffiti removal services from the walls. With the ultimate blasting equipment and formulae. We ensure 100% protection of the surface as we bombard it with precision using the blasting media. Graffiti is remove to the core. Where you get the cleanest looking surface that is ready for new graffiti work or a fresh paint job!

Is Graffiti Removal Services Different From Other Surfaces?

Walls are often make with bricks or covered in tiles and marbles, these sensitive materials either get cracks or lose the luster with hard and angular abrasives. Keeping in mind, M&C Solutions use soda blasting to bring you the best results for wall media blasting needs. While other surfaces like steel and metal takes the damage from harder and angular abrasives, walls tend to face significant damage. High pressure jet of wall blasting and soda blasting will clean any drawing or paints form the surface. This soda blasting helps contain the damaged paint. This is fruitful when the media blasting is only to remove stains and dirt rather than the entire color.

When Should Your Reach M&C Solutions For Graffiti Removal Services?

At M&C Solutions, we are always ready to serve graffiti removal services and other media blasting needs. However, you may reach us to get our graffiti removal services in case of a new paint job or even when you might want to change/remove the graffiti. Our experience crew knows how to deal with graffiti made on different kind of walls. We guarantee a perfectly clean wall once we deal with it.



Exterior And Interior Walls – Are They Different?

Media blasting can vary from wall to wall. While exterior walls have a harder finish that can withstand more robust media blasting process, it is essential to note that interior walls handle significantly less force. Designer walls, delicate designs and costly paint jobs face more significant damage with an angular abrasive medium blasted on it. Water-based blasting often used to ensure minimal wall health deterioration.

Graffiti is removed with intense force due to the harder paint materials used. With internal graffiti removing services, M&C Solutions bring you aptly designed precision-based blasting equipment that works with effectiveness. On exterior walls, lesser precision can be used based on the fact that no additional equipment is mounted on them.

Benefits Of Getting Wall Pressure Wash

A pressure wash prefer for graffiti removal services. Your walls and surfaces litter with unwanted graffiti that is easily get clean without significant damage. To your brick, wood, or metal walls, Aluminum sheets, steel walls, soft or clay bricks. Graffiti, along with dirt, is removed in one go with using soda pressure wash with solution made of water.

In some cases where the entire paint job needs to get remodel, with the permission and declaration from the owners. M&C Solutions also use sandblasting through which, the fine granules and grain of sand peels off the wall paint along with graffiti. This is used with harder brick walls and graffiti that is made of steel and other metal walls.